A question we are asked all the time, how can Best Utility help save our business money?

By utilising our expertise and experience in the Utility market we can identify the best suppliers and packages in the market and secure the very best rates for our clients, saving their business money in the process. We also make sure we are only working with companies that offer our customers the very best experiences in customer service, as you might know that can be as important as price is!

At Best Utility, we fully understand that as we would rather free up your valuable time allowing you more time to grow your business, or to spend it with your loved ones. That is how we have created the complete package so that your needs always come first.

As our first ever blog I would like to cover the many things you can expect to read in the coming weeks and month ahead. I will let you into some secrets including ways to save money of your utility bills, industry news and forecasts and of course how our team at Best Utility can help to save your business money by reducing the cost you would alternatively spend on your Gas, Electric, Water and Telecom bills.

How to save money on your water bills?

If your business is based in Scotland or if you have business premises there you can save money of your water rates as the Scottish Government have deregulated the market. Many businesses wrongly believe that if they do not use much water they cannot save money, this is wrong as your water bill is made up of different elements which usage is only one element of, the others are waste and sewerage charges. Most businesses in Scotland qualify for a reduction off all elements of their bill so it is important to increase your profit by lowering your operational costs. As an independent water auditor for businesses Best Utility can help you secure excellent value and are Independent so you can always rest assured we will always do what is right by your business.

If your business is in England do panic as the water market for businesses is due to get deregulated on April 1st, so contact our new customer team today, who will happily help save money as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies have decided not to deregulate the business water market in their countries but don’t panic too much as Best Utility can still save you money of your Electric, Gas and Telecom bills.
If you have anything relating to utilities, you would like us to cover in your blog as its for you that I write this then please feel free to drop me a line at in the meantime thank you for reading.

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