Best Utility is an Independent Utility Brokerage that is always interested in speaking to individuals and businesses who would like to earn money helping new businesses join the Best Utility platform and in doing so helping those businesses to save money on their utility bills.

  • What is an Independent Utility Brokerage?
    An Independent Utility Brokerage is a company or organisation that helps businesses save money of their utility bills and is independent from the suppliers, hence the reason why it always works in the interest of its customers and not the Utility suppliers. As a business, Best Utility does not charge its customers for its services as we get paid of whatever supplier they may choose to join through our ourselves. As such we get remunerated to similar levels of the suppliers, allowing our customers to have the peace of mind that we are independent and will always act in their best interests.
  • What we offer Partners?
    • At Best Utility, we offer our partners a world class platform to help businesses reduce their Gas, Electric, Telephone, Broadband and Water bills.
    • We offer industry leading support and remuneration packages
    • You have the benefit of working with a market leader
    • We offer your customers a Price Promise guaranteeing they will save money!
    • A great platform to help increase your existing client base and increase your income at the same time
  • Who would suit becoming a Partner?
    This would suit any business or individual who either has or wants to create a large portfolio of business clients, ideally suits professionals such as Accountants, Solicitors or B2B Merchants. Want to find out more about being a Partner contact our On Boarding Team Today!

Do you want to join our team?

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