At Best Utility, we know that that SME businesses need a telephone package that will be reliable and cost effective. We have several different solutions that save our business customers lots of money on their Telecom related costs whilst still enjoying the same phone lines and maintenance services they currently receive through BT Openreach.

  • Landline
    At Best Utility, we can save our business customers up to 40% of their landline charges compared to the standard line rental charges of BT.
  • Calls
    At Best Utility, we work with our SME customers to understand their telecom needs and requirements and come up with the correct call package that best fits their needs and in doing so we can save most businesses over 50% of their call charges.
  • Broadband
    With the use of WIFI increasing year on year more and more businesses are using broadband at their business premises and need a reliable cost effective service to function efficiently and effectively. Many customer facing businesses now have Wi-Fi for customer’s access to increase the customers experience and many just have it to check emails. What we have found out through research is that many businesses are on the incorrect package and either do not have an unlimited package when it would be best to do so or have one and they do not need one as their usage is constantly below a threshold where it is financially beneficial to have one.

    On average at Best Utility we help save businesses around 30% from their broadband costs as we analyse their usage and recommend the package that best meets their companies needs through our independent broadband advisory service.

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We guarantee all prospective Business Telecom customers that we will save them money or they will be refunded the difference.
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