At Best Utility, we are leading the way in helping businesses save money on their water bills, this is something we do by helping them reduce not only their consumption but their tariffs too. Businesses are now able to choose for the first time who their ‘water supplier’ is and Best Utility has secured the best rates for our clients. The market works differently in England to it does in Scotland so to see how it works in your part of the UK Please read on. (Wales and Northern Irish assemblies have not deregulated the market).

  • Business Water in England
    England is one of the first countries in the world that decided to deregulate the market and it is officially due to be deregulated from April 1st 2017. This will allow businesses in England to pick their water supplier as they have never had a choice previously. It is anticipated that this step will create lower prices as competition is introduced for the first time. Please contact us now so we can help save your business money from the moment the market has been deregulated.
  • Business Water in Scotland
    Scotland was not only the first part of the UK to deregulate the Business Water market but also the first place in the World! Businesses in Scotland could for some time shop around for a cheaper Water supplier, but unfortunately only around half have took advantage of this opportunity so far. If your business has not reduced the costs of their water bills thus far get in touch with us today and see how we can help your business save money through Best Utility’s free water switching platform.
  • Water Audits – UK Wide
    At Best Utility, our team has great experience at helping businesses throughout the UK reduce its Water consumption through having one of our experts auditing their business through our free water auditing scheme. Over 90% of businesses waste water without realising it, so don’t waste more money, just contact us today so Best Utility can start to save your business money.

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